Enjoy the Bicycle Ride, Increase Your Awareness

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Distracted Drivers are a Danger to Bicyclists

Enjoy the Bicycle Ride, Increase Your Awareness –

Now that temperatures (may) be getting warmer (it IS supposed to be Spring right? With all the white stuff here in Upstate New York it’s hard to tell LOL), people are going to be hopping on their bicycles to take in the Spring sites and great outdoors. So paying attention while you’re on your bicycle has never been more important. Even just recently, former basketball great Shawn Bradley, was injured and paralyzed in a bicycle accident. So again, you really need to pay attention on the road. Because distracted driving and distracted drivers are the principle cause of accidents. And it’s particularly been hazardous over the last few years, according to the data for walkers bike riders. The numbers have gone up dramatically.

Watch Where You’re Going

People aren’t watching where they’re going and they’re putting not just other vehicles and their passengers in danger, they’re putting walkers and bike riders in danger. Distracted drivers look back in hindsight and say what, why, why did I do that? By then it’s too late. People suffer terrible injuries or worse, when they’re hit. And there is no protection when you’re a pedestrian. You see so many people that are distracted by looking at their phone, texting on their phone, talking on their phones. When you consider the cell phone, that’s a big distraction that people need to stay away from when they’re on the roadway. Distracted drivers are a danger. They kill people every day. It’s terribly sad. And totally unnecessary.

Catastrophic Injuries due to distracted drivers cyclists who get injured by distracted drivers

Cell Phones Are Not The Only Distraction For Drivers

Cell phones are not the only distraction. There’s the GPS talking, eating in the car, upset children, it can run the gamut. I just had a case where it was videotaped. The driver knew as part of his work, he was being videotaped and he still got in an accident and it showed he wasn’t watching where he was going for. He wasn’t watching the road for six seconds. He hit somebody. My client. It’s very scary. Incredibly damaging for everyone involved. And nobody wishes anybody to get into an accident like that, a pedestrian and bicycle rider. You should always protect yourself. Be aware. Watch your surroundings. Watch both as a driver certainly, but also as a bicyclist or jogger or pedestrian. Wear the proper reflective gear. Think twice about the roadways you select. As I say so often, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Enjoy the Bicycle Ride, Increase Your Awareness and if There’s An Accident, Document Everything

If you ARE in a serious accident, you should always document everything as we’ve talked before. Any kind of accident, details matter. And if anybody has any questions,

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