Hiring A Casual Employee or Working As One?

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stanley law offices casual worker blogWhat You Need To Know About Being A Casual Worker or Hiring One At Your Home

It’s that time of year where people are thinking about hiring casual employees around the house. Before that happens, there are some helpful things you need to know before you go ahead and hire that casual employee.

Workers’ Compensation Policy And Casual Worker Coverage

This is specific to New York Law. There’s a mandatory endorsement on your workers’ compensation policy. It covers anybody who is a casual employee. That’s someone mowing your lawn and weeding in your garden, maybe babysitting. There’s a definition of what a casual employee is. And if they get hurt on your property, working for you, that coverage is there. That’s regardless of fault for the person who’s injured.

Did You Know?

Many people don’t know that you could be responsible for someone who comes to work at your home. Also, as a casual employee, you may not know what your rights are. What are the coverage(s) you’re eligible for? If you get hurt on someone else’s property you need to know. If you have a casual employee, in other words, you shouldn’t be afraid to have someone come and do that work for you. You just to have to understand what a casual employee is. It’s important to learn the difference and who you’re hiring. And whether they’re considered a casual employee.

What You Can Do Next

There’s a lot of conversation around this subject. So the Team here at Stanley Law did a webinar recently. The webinar walks you through some of the specifics, shares stories, and gives real examples of casual employment – both from the homeowner’s perspective as well as the workers’ perspective.

The Stanley Law Offices has a team especially devoted to Workers’ Compensation Cases as well as personal injury cases. If you’re seriously injured or have any questions about casual employment from either point of view, visit our website to contact us there or phone us at 1-800-608-3333.

Together, we’ll work to get you the maximum award.