What’s The First Thing To Do After An Injury At Work?

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Filing a work injury claim with Stanley Law Offices

A work accident can happen in the blink of an eye.

An employee could lose their footing while working at an elevated height or fall because his/her safety harness was not securely fastened. So, when a person engages in a work accident, the way in which they respond will impact whether they are able to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

After a work-related accident occurs, employees should seek medical help.

When a work accident occurs and an individual feels pain or believes they may have suffered an injury, the first thing to do is seek medical attention. Because a physician or emergency room doctor can determine the types of injuries sustained, if any, and recommend a treatment plan.

Individuals shouldn’t wait to seek medical attention following a work accident. Certain types of injuries are likely to worsen without prompt care.

Who pays for the initial treatment an injured worker receives?

If an individual goes to a local urgent care center, the hospital, or to see their primary care physician for treatment, they’ll want to inform them that they were involved in a work-related accident. Then, the treating physician will take down basic information including the name of their employer, so they know who to submit the bills to. Always make sure your medical records and the notes they’re taking are accurate!

An injured worker is typically not responsible for covering the initial care they receive for the injuries they sustained in a work accident so as long as their employer is insured.

Reporting a work injury to an employer

After an individual seeks medical attention, their next step is to report the accident to their employer. Ideally, this should be done directly after the incident, however, if the need for medical care is urgent, then notifying an employer would be the next step for an injured worker to take.

Workers are required to inform their employer of their work-related injuries within 30 days from the date of the accident. If an employee who fails to report their injuries to their employer within this timeframe are likely to lose access to workers’ compensation benefits.

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Syracuse, NY can help an injured worker obtain the benefits they are due

If an individual is covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, a Syracuse workers’ comp attorney can walk them through the claims process. This way, they understand how the process works, what their legal rights are, and what they can do if they are wrongfully denied benefits. If you’ve been injured at work, or are injured and cannot work and you need assistance with the claims process, contact us for a FREE Consultation. If you have questions related to recovering workers’ comp benefits you can contact Stanley Law for legal help and advice.

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