Neighbor blowing snow into your yard?

Neighbor blowing snow into your yard?

Do you have a neighbor who’s blowing snow into your yard? Are you wondering what to do about it? This morning on one of my radio interviews in the North Country near Watertown, I was asked this question – “What do I do if they’re blowing snow into my yard!?”

The best advice of course is have good neighbors and work to get along! Legally speaking, if you blow anything into your neighbors yard, leaves, branches, snow, it’s legally considered trespassing. That’s right! Theoretically your neighbor could sue you, or vice versa if they’re blowing it into your yard. You could sue for punitive damages. But is anyone ever going to bother doing that?

Rather than do that, most people rely on the ‘self-help’ remedy of retaliating… “Well, I’ll just blow it back into their yard!” This of course generally solves nothing. Then you’re just committing the same act and you definitely don’t want to ultimately end up in a courtroom. You’re likely going to continue living next to this neighbor and really don’t want to incite things further right? You certainly don’t want to end up in a physical altercation or argument with your neighbor, again just inciting the anger and frustration further for all parties.

In this day and age when misbehavior seems to be the norm people think it’s ok to be unkind or that they can simply behave badly. How about the road less traveled – seek out common ground and simply try to get along. 

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