Is a private eye watching you?

private eye

Private Eyes dig up all they can

Being a private eye can bring up images of Magnum P.I’s mustache and Ferrari, a pipe-smoking Sherlock Holmes, or the shrewd, blue collar detective, Columbo.

Another word for private eye is private investigator. Detective shows are fun to watch. However fun the ideas are that come to your head,  the personal injury attorneys at Stanley Law Offices can assure you these big insurance companies use private eyes to protect their interests. Because they try and poke as many holes as they can in claims brought against them.

In personal injury claims, Stanley Law commonly sees “private eyes” hired. For instance, they’re almost ALWAYS hired in Workers’ Compensation cases. Insurance companies, claims adjusters, employers, third-party administrators and self-insurers turn to the investigators. As a result, they put the victim on trial. Aside from exposing fraudulent claims, these PI’s determine facts in an AOE/COE (Arising Out of Employment / Course of Employment) investigation.

In an investigation, private investigators are in cahoots with the insurance company’s attorneys. How so? The mutual goal is to tell a story to the court. Also the New York Workers’ Compensation Board. Because the story goes that you were not injured on the job. You may even be followed prior to an Independent Medical Examination , and afterwards. When they do, they try to record evidence showing you’re perfectly healthy. They discredit you. Or at least they try.

Once a claim is filed, a private eye is likely watching

In this video, Joe Stanley warns victims of a workplace injury or anyone involved in a lawsuit, to be careful. Be careful about what you post on social media. Because it can come back to hurt you. and your personal injury or workers’ compensation case.

If you have a pending injury case, is a private eye following you?

Private eyes are prying eyes. So, please be careful of what you say and do. People could be watching. Because these people want to see you LOSE. Why? Profit and loss. And these are massive insurance companies or employers who are hellbent on silencing you. Their goal is to squash your claim. Period. Stanley Law is committed to getting you justice and the Maximum Award. To do that, we need your partnership in this and you need to be aware of what’s at stake. Also, go to your doctor’s visits and put aside your pride – if you’re hurting, let them know. One example of being a good partner is making sure they’re taking correct notes. That’s important. Correct notes makes it easier to get you the maximum award. We’re trying to help you tell your story. And you, your actions, your words, write that story.

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