If I fall at work do I have an injury case?

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Are you worried for your job if you file a worker’s compensation claim?What about a workers’ compensation claim alongside a personal injury case?

If I fall at work do I have an injury case? If you fall at work do you also have a personal injury case? Well, you might. Ultimately, the answer is… it depends. Because if the fall puts you out of work most likely at a minimum, you have a workers’ compensation case. Whether you have a personal injury cases takes a lot of other factors into consideration.

Premises’ Liability Case

In the legal field a slip and fall case is also called a premises liability case. Did you fall on property owned by a municipality? (Different timelines and requirements are required in situations where a municipality is involved). Trip and falls on sidewalks are a common thing in the business I’m involved in. So I understand what you need to know. It’s very important to know who owns the sidewalk where you fell. Because if it’s a commercial sidewalk the business owns, the rules of law are a lot different than if the sidewalk’s owned by a municipality.

Municipality Cases are Different

If it’s a municipal sidewalk it’s almost impossible to make a claim. Because there has to be a prior written notice of a defect of the condition of the sidewalk. And that almost never exists. If it’s a private or commercially owned sidewalk, that’s a different set of circumstances and it’s usually much easier to make a claim.

A worker’s compensation case alongside a personal injury case can be common. And because it’s common, you want to be certain you select a firm who has a dedicated team for both types of cases. When you work with us, you’ll learn that it’s a situation of one hand talking to the other. If you use a workers’ compensation law firm who really doesn’t know the ropes of personal injury, your personal injury case could be compromised, or overlooked entirely. This happens, we’ve seen it far too often.

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