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What Does Going Above and Beyond Mean?

What does it mean when the Team goes ‘Above and Beyond?’ Accident Lawyer, Joe Stanley..

Joe Knows Medicare

It’s Medicare Sign Up Time! Many may be seeing that it is Medicare sign up..

Social Security Disability & Workers’ Compensation FREE WEBINAR

Stanley Law Offices is hosting a FREE Legal Webinar via Facebook Live on Tuesday, October..

Negotiating More For Your Personal Injury Case Settlement

Negotiating More For Your Personal Injury Case Settlement Negotiating for a settlement is one of..

If I fall at work do I have an injury case?

What about a workers’ compensation claim alongside a personal injury case? If I fall at..

What to know about Worker’s Compensation – Stanley Law Offices

Injured on the Job? What You Need to Know about Workers’ Comp If you’ve been..

Construction Accidents – Stanley Law

The Realities of Construction Accidents One of the most dangerous industries to work in is..

The government shutdown affecting your social security disability case or your checks

The Government Shutdown It’s a tough time right now for a lot of folks. Many..

In a world of automation

In a world of automation, things can still go wrong, and do. Back in October..

Should I talk to the insurance agent directly if I’m hurt?

If I’m being contacted directly by the insurance company after I’m hurt, should I talk..

Neighbor blowing snow into your yard?

Do you have a neighbor who’s blowing snow into your yard? Are you wondering what..

Deer accidents in Upstate NY

Deer accidents in Upstate New York I was driving on an interstate earlier this week,..