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It’s Medicare Sign Up Time!

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Many may be seeing that it is Medicare sign up time. It’s an open enrollment period, and for people who are eligible for Medicare, people who are on Social Security disability or those over 65, it’s an important time. You really need to understand what you’re getting yourself into because I represent a lot of people who are on Medicare. If they are paying your bills and you have a serious injury, you have to understand what these Medicare Advantage plans are, whether original Medicare is better with medigap insurance coverage, and those are all things that are not that easily understood until something happens.

Medicare Advantage Plans

There’s a reason that all these advertisements for Medicare Advantage plans are telling you, you get all of this and this, and it’s all great. They’re all competing for this because obviously they’re making money on it. They’re not doing it because it’s necessarily to your advantage. You can sign up for those plans and maybe save if you don’t get sick. But if something goes wrong, your choices on who you can see or where you can go may be extremely limited. And for older Americans, that may be an important factor. So make sure you understand like anything else we talk about, understand what you’re signing up for, what you’re going to get and what the actual results are going to be. If you ever do have a substantial medical issue, it matters a great deal.

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