Deer accidents in Upstate NY

A teenage deer looking back over their shoulder at the camera. in a cold environment, with tall grass

Deer accidents in Upstate New York

I was driving on an interstate earlier this week, just outside of Syracuse. It was three lanes. As I’m passing the car next to me, the car I was passing literally exploded! Then I see a deer. Fortunately it went off to the right into the other lane and it was not a small deer. It happened so fast I didn’t even have a chance to be scared.

Later that morning I was doing my radio show over at 95X and the fireman and the police officer at the scene heard me on the air and actually called into the studio! They said the driver thank goodness was okay, but the car of course was totally destroyed. She’s very lucky. When you hit a deer at 65 mph, it’s like hitting a 300lb rock. The police officer at the scene stated he was picking up debris in the road for well over a half hour.

Deer come out of nowhere. This is deer season and they’re everywhere, the hunters have them scattering too. We have an incredible amount of deer accidents in Upstate NY and we just have to pay attention. Be awake be alert be watching for them. It’s also a good reminder to travel at a safe distance from other vehicles around you which should always be the case regardless. Ample space gives you more time to react and do what you need to do to remain safe.

In the case of hitting a deer, there’s no one liable and unfortunately you’re only relying at that point on your own insurance. Cars are important, but they’re only metal and glass which can be replaced/repaired. The most important thing of course if your safety and well-being. I myself have hit two deer and it’s a scary thing I can tell you. So be mindful this time of year especially to stay on the lookout and stay safe on the roads!

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