“Worker’s Compensation is complex and always changing”

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“I’ve dedicated my entire career to worker’s rights when they’re injured” says Sheila Fallon of Stanley Law. “It takes a special kind of focus because worker’s compensation is complex and laws are always changing.”

Worker’s compensation is about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. The best worker’s compensation attorneys help with everything from your doctor’s appointments to prescriptions and making sure every form is filled out correctly and on time. Timing is very important.

Sheila shares here why it’s so important to have the right attorney by your side every step of the way:

A lot of times clients have both a worker’s compensation case and a personal injury case happening at the same time. It’s important that your attorneys are talking to one another in support of your BOTH your cases. There’s  information that’s shared in either case to support your efforts. You have to have the left hand talking to the right hand. When you don’t, things can get missed and your case can be jeopardized.

Team at Stanley Law Worker's Comp attorney Sheila Fallon
Worker’s Compensation Attorney Sheila Fallon of Stanley Law

One little mistake on your claim form can throw your entire case out. When it comes to worker’s comp, don’t go it alone. Phone. 1-800-608-3333. We have offices in Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, Rochester, and Montrose, PA. Your consultation is FREE. Sheila Fallon can also be reached by emailing her at SFallon@StanleyLawOffices.com