Should I talk to the insurance agent directly if I’m hurt?

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If I’m being contacted directly by the insurance company after I’m hurt,

should I talk to them directly or an attorney first?

When you’re hurt on the job you have to report the accident to your employer as soon as is reasonable. You have the right to see any doctor you want not just the company’s recommended doctor.

I always say you should talk to a lawyer who does worker’s compensation BEFORE you talk to the insurance company.

The insurance company may look to generate issues that don’t even exist by getting you to say things that you’re not even aware may get you in trouble.

So the best advice is to have information and talk to a lawyer. In a comp situation or ANY personal injury situation, it doesn’t mean you have to hire that attorney – get the advice before you do anything further. You should know what you’re talking about before you head into any situation. It sounds like common sense, and it is. Know for sure that it’s likely the insurance agent does not have YOUR best interests at heart, they have their OWN best interests at heart.

In this world, if you get yourself in a position and you’re talking about something you really don’t know anything about, you can get in trouble and not even deserve it.

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