When’s the best time to call an attorney?

When’s the best time to call an attorney?

When’s the best time to call an attorney?

People come up to me all the time and I think it’s an honor – it’s nice people are comfortable enough to come up to me and ask me questions.

So when they ask me if they need an attorney, I tell people if there’s something significant you’re involved in:

whether it’s a document from work, a lease, something that has to do with any court issue, child support, divorce, you’re in an accident, worker’s compensation, talk to a lawyer.

Get the information you need to make sure you’re protecting yourself.

The one thing I’ve always tried to do is get people information because it’s important before you do something

– the operative word being BEFORE – so you understand what you’re getting yourself into and you know your options.

Information is very important. If anything comes up you don’t know, you’re not sure, ask questions and get answer.

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