“Safety Standards for Limousines”

“Safety Standards for Limousines”

Have you ever hired a limousine for you and your friends? Maybe even for your teenager for Prom? When you’re thinking of hiring a limousine and driver for your next event, make sure you know that the company is following safety standards.

Don’t take for granted that limo owners are following the law. They’re supposed to follow the rules, that doesn’t mean they do. So before hiring a limousine company make sure you’re asking the right questions.

With years of experience and all that I’ve seen, I can tell you that you want to make sure the company you hire has:

  • The right insurance
  • Their vehicles are safe, inspected, and the company’s willing to provide proof as such
  • The driver is properly licensed to operate a limo

If there’s one positive thing we can learn from the horrific limo accident that occurred a few weeks ago near Cooperstown, NY it’s that BEFORE people go and hire ANY company or chauffeurs, people are going to be more aware and go through the due diligence before committing to that company.

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