When Can You Sue A Doctor In Upstate New York

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When Can You Sue A Doctor In Upstate New York?

There are many reasons to sue a doctor in Upstate New York potentially. While most doctors are trained professionals who carry out their duties with care and diligence, some are capable of shocking acts of negligence. While it’s true that you can only sue doctors under very specific circumstances, you should know that you have the right to fight for your rights if medical professionals have harmed you.

If you’d like to explore your legal options, contact a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Upstate New York as soon as possible. But we know what you’re thinking: How can I find qualified, experienced attorneys near me? The answer is quite simple, and connecting with a lawyer might be easier than you think. The most important thing is to take action as quickly as possible to avoid potential issues with the statute of limitations.

Opioid Addiction

Yes, that’s right — you can technically sue a doctor for getting you addicted to opioids (1). We all know that these drugs can cause serious issues, sparking lifelong addictions that totally ruin (or end) lives (2). Although holding individual doctors accountable for these addictions is difficult, it can be done if you can prove that the doctor in question was seriously negligent. For example, they may have prescribed you opioids despite knowing that you have a history of substance abuse.

Birth Injuries

Another common reason for a medical malpractice lawsuit is a birth injury. As the name implies, this type of accident involves babies becoming injured while being born. Parents can sue on behalf of their infants, recovering compensation necessary for further treatment. These types of lawsuits can result in considerable settlements, as the child’s life is often irrevocably altered.

Botched Surgeries

Doctors (more specifically, surgeons) can also be held accountable and sued for botched surgeries. These accidents may result in serious injuries or even death in some cases. Unfortunately, some people go in for surgery and come out worse off than when they went in. Botched plastic surgeries are a particularly common source of medical malpractice lawsuits.

Any Other Act of Medical Malpractice

The above three examples are just a few of the most common reasons for medical malpractice lawsuits. Whenever a doctor is negligent in any way, they can be held accountable.

Where Can I Find Attorneys Near Me?

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