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Snowmobiling and Your Safety | Stanley Law OfficesSnowmobiling in Upstate NY

Do you love snowmobiling? When you live in our part of the world, snow sports are a big part of some people’s lives. Many people in Upstate New York enjoy snowmobiling during the winter months, and this winter activity can be thrilling and exciting. Unfortunately, it can also be really dangerous. Many people have died over the years due to snowmobile accidents, and some of these accidents were caused by negligence. But what can you do if you have suffered a snowmobiling injury in Upstate New York? Is it true that you can sue and receive compensation?

Man Dies in Fatal Upstate New York Snowmobile Accident

During the winter months, snowmobile accidents are sadly quite common in Upstate New York. On December 30th of 2022, it was reported that a man from West Turin lost his life after riding a snowmobile down a snowy trail. He allegedly failed to maneuver his vehicle around a tree. The impact of hitting the tree killed him. He was on a mapped trail AND wearing a helmet.

Back in March of 2022, two snowmobilers lost their lives after colliding headfirst in Upstate New York. The crash apparently occurred at the crest of a hill. It seems as though both riders were on a mapped trail, but one individual failed to keep to the right — the proper protocol for snowmobiling.

Who Can You Sue After a Snowmobiling Accident in Upstate New York?

Suing after a snowmobiling crash in Upstate New York is difficult — but not impossible. There are a number of negligent parties who you may be able to hold accountable. Firstly, you could sue the manufacturer of the snowmobile if you can prove that the accident was caused by some kind of malfunction or defect. This is known as a product liability lawsuit. For example, you could argue that the brakes on your snowmobile cut out at a critical moment.

You might also hold another snowmobiler accountable for the crash. New York State Parks require all snowmobilers to carry liability insurance with at least $10,000 of coverage for an accident involving a single person. This means that you could potentially file an insurance claim under your own policy or that of the negligent snowmobiler who caused your crash.

There may be certain situations in which you can sue drivers of passenger vehicles. For example, perhaps you were trying to cross over a road in order to get to a trail when you were struck by a car. Maybe the driver of a vehicle decided to go “off-roading” onto a snowmobiling trail before hitting you.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Upstate New York?

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