Summer Traffic Hazards

Car with luggage

Summer Traffic Hazards

As we head down the highway, sometimes you’re behind a vehicle that has items that are not secure. I don’t know about you but this makes me nervous. I’m thinking at the speed that we’re going. If something flies off the back of that vehicle, it’s gonna hit me in the windshield. And from there on it could get nasty.

Flying stones to bicycles, to items being towed and don’t forget the suitcases strapped to the roof of cars. It’s obvious you don’t want to lose your property, but you certainly don’t wanna hurt somebody and be responsible. However, if you don’t secure something you’re legally responsible. So you want to avoid that and keep everybody on the highway safe. There’s a lot more packing going on this time of year and make sure we do it right.

Distracted drivers..

On a personal note, I was driving to work one Monday morning in city traffic, stopped for a school bus with their lights on to signal to stop.  All of a sudden I hear this screeching of brakes, a car sliding, and it goes up on the sidewalk next to me. Fortunately, there’s nobody on the sidewalk. And fortunately it wasn’t in my back seat. I had a moment of reflection since I have actually been hit once before, while I was stopped for a school bus about nine or 10 years ago. It’s just amazing that the driver didn’t see me and the stopped school bus with all the lights and the signs. In this case, it really means people are not paying attention. This can be dangerous to everyone involved.

What if you do get into an accident?

You get in an accident and people say, “let’s not call the insurance company or the police” or whatever. Unfortunately, that’s not a good idea because you never know how things are going to turn out. You want to make sure you record them with pictures, names, and have the police come out to make a report. You need to document what happened as soon as possible, because people’s memories change from the time of the accident, or somebody else is driving somebody else’s car. They come up with different excuses that are to try and lay blame somewhere else, because they don’t wanna admit they did something wrong. And you could end up being in a situation that is very unfair for you. So document, even record it. This might take a little bit longer but in the long term, it’s the best plan. Because otherwise you have no proof. Otherwise, It’s your word against somebody else. 


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