After a truck accident you can be confused and angry. What do you do next?

After a truck accident you can be confused and angry. What do you do next?


Truck accidents can be traumatic and disorienting.

If you’ve ever experienced a truck accident, you know how traumatic and disorienting it can be. You’re scared, angry, confused, often injured. Sometimes badly injured. If you or someone you know has just been in a truck accident, as best you can, need to do all you can to remain calm and take steps to protect yourself.

You’ve been in a truck accident. What’s next?

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1. If anyone requires medical assistance, call 911 immediately

The most important thing is the safety of those involved in the truck accident or any accident. Call 911 immediately if someone requires medical attention. Every second counts.

2. Remain calm and secure the scene of the accident with hazards and flares

With cars and trucks rushing by, the scene of an accident can be downright scary and dangerous itself. Try to keep your head and alert other drivers at the scene with hazard lights and flares if you have them.

3. After ensuring that you and others are safe, contact your insurance company immediately

Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than law enforcement, and do not admit fault. Contacting your insurance company is important for you to obtain no fault benefits and for filing any other claims that might be necessary.

The habit may be to talk about the accident with other people or bystanders. Speak about the accident to law enforcement only. Just as importantly, before all of the facts are gathered, do not admit fault.

4. Take photographs of the accident and get the names of all witnesses

The more evidence you’re able to get, the better. Take as many photographs of the truck position, damage, and the scene as you can.

5. Notify your insurance company if you have been sued

Keep your insurance company in the loop at all times during the accident process.

6. Contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your options

Timing is important

The Team at Stanley Law have helped thousands of people who’ve been injured in a truck or car accident. Being hurt in an accident can seem overwhelming. The time just after the accident can be the most important. That’s when your memory is the clearest. When you don’t know what to do next, remember, Joe Knows. Through our years of helping people, we’ve developed a six point plan to follow in the period of time following an accident.

Talking with a lawyer soon after the personal injury can be critical to getting the help you need. As time passes, witnesses forget what they saw and critical evidence can be lost. We investigate all of the legal issues involved to hold the right people accountable for the harm they caused. We interview witnesses about truck or auto accidents, investigate evidence and prepare your case for a jury. Working with investigators and experts, we do whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to get you the best possible results.

Because you never know what’s just around the corner you need to know what to do next… and that’s to call me, Joe Stanley at Stanley Law Offices. The consultation is free and more knowledge is better. With office locations, including Syracuse, Binghamton Watertown, Rochester, as well as Montrose, Pennsylvania, you can meet with one of our attorneys nearest you. Contact us toll free at 1-800-608-3333. Se habla español.