The Most Common Causes of Industrial Accidents

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Common Causes of Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents have the potential to be deadly and to cause severe, permanent injuries. Many industrial job sites are inherently unsafe, and industrial accidents can occur when employers fail to use necessary precautions to protect their employees. Typically, industrial accidents refer to any workplace accident on a job site that results in an injury. 

Industrial accident injuries can be caused by various workplace accidents, such as gas explosions, fires, falls, electrical accidents, and injuries caused by heavy machinery. Three main categories of industrial accidents result in injuries. 

Environmental Causes of Industrial Accidents 

The working environment can cause an industrial accident. Natural dangers like working from great heights can cause industrial accidents. Additionally, human-made hazards such as sinkholes can become deadly. Low lighting is a common environmental cause of industrial accidents. When employees do not have access to high-quality lighting, they are more likely to fall, slip, or trip on objects left on the job site. Additionally, when employees work from great heights, they need enough lighting to avoid a deadly fall. Ultimately, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their job sites are well-lit enough to prevent industrial accidents. 

Air and sound pollution can also contribute to Industrial injuries. For example, when employees are exposed to air pollution or poor ventilation, their employers should provide them with the necessary safety equipment. For example, suppose a painter is in a high-rise apartment spray painting the interior. In that case, the employee should have a high-grade ventilation mask to prevent injury to his or her lungs. Likewise, when workers are exposed to sound pollution, such as the noise caused by jackhammers, they should be provided ear safety to avoid damaging their hearing. 

Mechanical Causes of Industrial Accidents 

Mechanical causes of industrial accidents involve equipment failures or breakdowns as well as accidents involving defective machines. Many industrial job sites rely on heavy equipment and machinery to complete their jobs. Employers must provide their employees with well-maintained equipment and machinery. Doing so requires employers to seek maintenance on their machines from qualified mechanics regularly. 

When a machine is showing signs of malfunction, the employer should prevent employees from using that machine. When machine parts become damaged or are made poorly, the machine can malfunction and cause serious injuries. Employees can become crushed by a machine, causing death or severe injuries, such as amputations. 

Power failure can be especially dangerous when employees are using heavy machinery. Total or partial power failure can cause a machine to stop working and lead to serious injuries. For example, if a crane suddenly stops working in the middle of a busy street, the crane could drop the heavy load, and it could land on employees or civilians. 

The older a piece of machinery, the more likely it is to malfunction. Employers should ensure that they replace machines that are too old to be operated safely. If a machine requires a replacement of a part that is worn out, the employer should do so quickly to avoid an industrial industry. 

Finally, fires are another dangerous aspect of mechanical failure. In the right setting, a small spark can cause a massive gas explosion. For example, when employees are working on ships docked in ports, a spark in the engine room could lead to an explosion. The more dangerous the industrial job site, the greater the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their crew follows all federal and state safety requirements to avoid a destructive fire. 

Industrial Accidents Caused by Human Negligence 

Human factors are a significant cause of industrial accidents. Whenever the cause of the accident is directly attributable to the worker, the accident falls under this category. One of the leading causes of industrial accidents involves poor housekeeping. On dangerous job sites, such as construction sites, supervisors must make sure employees clean up their areas and put away any tools or equipment that could cause other employees to slip and fall. This is especially important when job sites are in skyscrapers or on scaffolding. It only takes an employee accidentally knocking off a drill to cause a severe injury to a pedestrian or co-worker down below. 

Fatigue, exhaustion, and stress all contribute to industrial accidents. When workers are told to work long shifts or work double shifts in strenuous jobs, they can become too tired to make safe decisions. Or they may begin to cut corners when it comes to safety practices because they are exhausted and simply want to go home. Likewise, when workers are stressed, they are more likely to engage in activities that will cause injuries. When workers are dehydrated, they are less likely to make wise decisions. 

Finally, back strains are one of the most common types of injuries and Industrial workplaces. Shoulder injuries and low back sprains can be avoided by workers not lifting heavy objects and adequately. Using back braces can also help workers avoid injuries. Employers should ensure that their employees are getting enough breaks and time to eat and drink properly to do their job safely.

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