Traffic Accidents In Construction Zones And Near Work Sites


Construction sites and work zones are inherently dangerous. They can be even more hazardous when workers are careless. Also when motorists fail to follow traffic laws. Joe Knows that being injured or suffering the loss of a loved one in a construction traffic accident can be life changing. At Stanley Law Offices, we believe that being aware of potential dangers and understanding the common types of traffic accidents that occur near construction sites can help you avoid being involved in a crash. Let’s help you stay safer on the road.

Common causes of work zone and construction traffic accidents

In New York and Pennsylvania, construction and roadwork seem to be everywhere you turn. That means there’s potential for all types of accidents. It’s important to stay alert when you’re driving near a construction site or work zone.

Some of the most common causes of construction traffic accidents include:

Speeding — Many traffic accidents near construction sites involve speeding. Speed limits are reduced in some work zones to keep workers and drivers safe. When motorists ignore posted speed limits, the results can be deadly. It’s particularly true when the operators of tractor-trailers, commercial trucks, and heavy equipment, such as dump trucks, drive too fast. Drivers who speed in areas where there are narrow lanes, uneven pavement, lane shifts, lane closures, and heavy equipment entering the roadway are at risk for causing catastrophic accidents, including multi-car pileups and rollover crashes.

Tailgating — Traffic in construction zones is often slow-moving and may unexpectedly come to a complete stop. Impatient drivers who tailgate can cause rear-end collisions that result in serious injury, even at slow speeds. An injured victim may suffer neck, back, and spinal injuries, such as whiplash or a herniated disc. These all can cause chronic pain and greatly reduce the range of motion. If you’ve been injured in a rear-end construction traffic accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you need and deserve the maximum reward. It’s critical to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following an accident.

Distracted driving — Remaining alert and focused on the road is vital when driving in a work zone or near a construction site. Failing to see signs, traffic cones, and signals for lane closures, construction vehicles entering and exiting the roadway, and other hazards can lead to fatal accidents. Avoid texting, using your phone, adjusting car controls, eating or drinking, and anything else that distracts you from safe driving. Staying vigilant of your surroundings can give you time to react if you need to stop suddenly. It prevents you and others from being injured or killed in a construction traffic accident.

Contractor or worker negligence — Insufficient or improper signage and warnings, poor adherence to safety regulations, reckless behavior, and worker distraction all contribute to serious construction traffic accidents. Vehicles, including dump trucks, backhoes, crane trucks, and other heavy equipment, can cause violent wrecks and lead to significant bodily damage or death. Falling debris, tools, or other items that land in the road or on a car can also cause fatal results to motorists. Property owners, contractors, subcontractors, and workers have a legal obligation to take proper precautions and follow all safety rules and regulations. If they fail to do this and cause a construction traffic accident, they may be liable for any injuries and damages that result.

Steps to take after a construction traffic accident

After an accident, call 911 and seek medical attention right away. If possible, check on others to see if they’re injured and administer first aid if needed. Take photos of the scene, damage to vehicles, and your injuries. Make sure to get a driver’s license, contact, and insurance information from any other drivers who were involved in the accident. It’s also important to get the name and contact information of the construction site supervisor and the company or municipality they work for.

Memories can get cloudy after an accident, so use the voice recorder on your phone or jot down everything you can remember about how the accident occurred. If it’s available, get a copy of the police report before you leave the scene. Also consider using an accident app – Stanley Law’s accident app has just been updated and is available in fact for both iPhone and Android.

Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a construction traffic accident, you may have a long road of recovery ahead. If the construction traffic accident involved a municipality, you may be entitled to make a claim against the government, but these types of cases are extremely challenging. A skilled personal injury lawyer will investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, determine who’s accountable for your damages, and pursue all potential sources of compensation.

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