“What’s up with the What’s APP?”

“What’s up with the What’s APP?”

This week on WNBF I was asked about my thoughts on the recent hacking and lawsuit that Facebook has brought regarding the breach of some 1400 high level officials who use the app called WhatsApp.

Well the WhatsApp, apparently a lot of people have itt. I don’t. Even though I don’t personally use the app, I’ve seen as you probably have, that it’s been hacked across the world and they were targeting people in authority. So you know, if they’re getting the data for people in authority, they’re probably going to get everyone else’s if they so desire.

The WhatsApp

It’s Facebook’s messaging platform, they own it. It’s a very popular app.

The Best Advice when it comes to data breach of any kind

My best advice on any data breach situation is check all your accounts, and change your passwords. Ideally you’re changing your passwords often and not using the same password across all of your accounts. It’s not always easy to remember all your passwords, or those changes, but they even of course have apps out there now that you can store all your passwords in for easy access.

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