Why working under the table is a bad idea

Tax Season Words of Wisdom from Joe Stanley

Are you working under the table?

Working under the table is bad idea.

It might seem like a good idea at first but let’s talk about all the things that could go wrong.

I’ve seen over the years that working under the table has serious consequences.

If you’re working under the table and you get hurt, you’re responsible for all your own medical bills, and all your lost earnings.

It’s great – until something goes wrong. And that’s true for both parties. As an employer it’s not such a great idea. Because if you get caught, and they audit you, you haven’t been paying taxes and worker’s compensation… that’s serious consequences for you and your business. It’s just not worth it. And as an employee, when things go wrong and you get hurt or laid off, you have no recourse. Zero.

You can go to the uninsured employer’s fund for worker’s compensation.

Hopefully you can win there. But that’s your only option. A lot of the jobs where you’re working under the table aren’t the greatest jobs in the world. Sometimes they’re even dangerous. And it’s likely you’re getting paid a quarter of what you should be getting paid. And if you get hurt, and you’re deemed to be an independent contractor, you’re out of luck.

Another thing to consider if that your employer is making serious money off of you.

They don’t have to pay taxes. They don’t have to pay unemployment insurance or worker’s compensation. You might think upfront it’s a good idea, but in the long run, you’ll be the one who pays. Hospital bills add up fast. And if you’re not working, and can’t work, watch how quickly your employer turns from friend to foe.

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