Are you checking if your online medical records are right?

Are you checking if your online medical records are right?

Are you checking that your online medical records are right?

Medical records online in one place is convenient. As long as they’re right! Human error is real – and if your medical records aren’t correct, it could spell bad news when doctors are treating you. Medical records are often incomplete, can be wrong, costly, and dangerous to your health. For example, wrong allergies, wrong medical history. Your records are being used by multiple people now because they’re electronically accessible. You may show up at an emergency room or in an ambulance where you can’t give your information. If they go into your records and they’re wrong, it can be dangerous! I’ve had multiple cases where the wrong penicillin or other antibiotic or even narcotic drugs are prescribed because the medical records used were wrong.

If you’re involved in an accident and the information online is wrong,

it can really hurt your case results. Because if the information in your medical records is wrong, jurors believe those records, not you. And records are wrong A LOT!

One case the recitation of how the accident happened had seven different descriptions of what happened depending on the doctor.

They weren’t even remotely alike – in other words, one said he fell down a roof, one down the stairs, another said he’d fallen off a ladder. After the first doctor, they don’t really care how your accident happened. They’re just treating the injury at that point.


You might have fifteen different doctor visits and imagine how many different people, different forms become a part of your story. I’ve looked at forms in the course of one case and you wouldn’t even be able to tell that this person had that many visits because all the forms just looked the same! They’re just putting info into the forms and typically there’s very little to no deeper description of the accident, the patient, what’s really happening.

You need to check any form that’s been filled out on your behalf because if you’re going to the doctors frequently, your forms should be changing!

Most people don’t look at their medical records online or the forms that have been filled out at an appointment. You should always check. It’s a good way to keep track of where everything’s at. Even more important, is that your records are correct.

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