Biking-Pedestrian Accidents

Biking-Pedestrian Accidents


With American cities encouraging citizens to reduce automobile use and spend more time walking or biking, the number of biking-pedestrian accidents is increasing each year. While the overall number of bike versus pedestrian collisions is still fairly small, it’s still important to know your rights when an accident occurs.

Turn to Stanley Law Offices in your time of need, and we’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting you the justice and compensation you deserve. While your attorney at Stanley Law Offices is always your best source of information, consider the following if your case goes to court.

Establishing Negligence

Whether walking or riding a bike, everyone using public roadways has a legal obligation to act reasonably. This includes assessing everything that’s going on in the area, such as weather conditions and the flow of traffic. That means every party on the roadway is obligated to avoid reckless or careless behavior.

If you’ve been the victim of negligence that led to a collision between a bike and pedestrian, don’t go it alone. The team at Stanley Law Offices is here to assist you in every step of the matter.

Proving Fault

Proving fault is similar to establishing negligence, which is also called a breach of duty of care, but it’s not exactly the same. Negligence must be established before it’s possible to prove fault. The person who has behaved in a manner that is contrary to the rules of law and reasonableness is the party at fault. This may be the pedestrian or the person riding the bike, depending on the circumstances.

When Fault Is Shared

In some bike-pedestrian accidents, the fault is shared. For example, if both parties were acting in an unsafe or unreasonable manner, then each may share some degree of fault. In a situation of this nature, the fault may be shared equally or assigned in some proportion to each party.

The process is extremely detailed, with numerous nuances that affect the outcome. You need and deserve the Maximum Reward, and that’s why calling Stanley Law Offices is your best first step after an accident.

Are You Insured?

Because you never know what’s just around the corner, it’s helpful to if you have your bike insured and make sure you’re covered on your automotive insurance policy by uninsured motorist’s coverage when you’re walking. If you’re insured and get in a bike-pedestrian collision, an attorney can help you through the process of establishing negligence, assigning fault, and getting your insurance to pay what you deserve.

Biking-Pedestrian Accidents That Occur When You’re Working

If your bike-pedestrian accident occurred when you were working, our dedicated worker’s compensation team is here to guide you through the process of getting the award you deserve. Here at Stanley Law Offices, Joe Knows it takes true grit to win a case. Our attorneys understand how hard it can be after you’ve been injured, and we work to help you gain the resolution you deserve.

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