Boating and Jet Ski Accidents

Boating Accident Advice from Stanley Law

Boating and Jet Ski Accidents: Advice from the Team at Stanley Law Offices

Get informed advice from the boating and jet ski accident expert attorneys at Stanley Law

With the summer solstice gone, we’re officially in Summer! Now that summer’s (finally) here, the sunshine and water offer you a chance to get outdoors and enjoy. New York is a go-to place for boaters of all types. Some highly trafficked waterways are best suited for motorboats. Others are safer for smaller boats. At the same time, some gems can be a paradise for canoers and kayakers, sailboats, or small personal watercraft like jet skis.

The boating accident lawyers at Stanley Law Offices know all too well that a good day on the water can instantly turn to disaster. Number one #1 Rule: Have fun BUT BE SAFE.

What to do in the wake of a boating accident?
Seek medical attention if necessary first and always. Report the accident to authorities. It’s helpful if you capture pictures of the incident in order to preserve evidence we can later take to court. Consider downloading the Stanley Law Accident App and loading it with your info. It will also be super helpful to have on hand as a checklist to go through at the scene of the accident.

Under federal and New York State law, there are obligations of boaters after an accident occurs. For minor brushes, this can be as easy as exchanging information in terms of the names and contact information of operators and passengers involved. This may involve the documentation of where the accident occurred, a description of the circumstances, injuries incurred, and alleged property damage. A finger should be put on the dollar amount of damages, as this will trigger reporting requirements.

In instances when there’s significant damage, severe injury, death, or when someone disappears from the boat, the stakes are ratcheted up and must be reported to the nearest police agency without delay. We also remind every master or pilot of any vessel of their duty to offer help whenever possible when another boat craft is in trouble.

Failure to report accidents that endanger vessels or their passengers or interference with rescue efforts can result in severe penalties.

If you’re a victim of a New York boating accident, Stanley Law can help you get out of the muddy waters
If leisure time has led to an accident on the water, contact a focused personal injury attorney with the know-how and grit to navigate a complex system. In a previous post we provided a checklist of considerations when hiring an attorney to go head-to-head with big insurance companies. Stanley Law will not be outgunned.

Know before you go
Review these safety tips before you go boating. While New York is surrounded by water and there are many opportunities for boating fun, there’s also plenty of risk. The Team at Stanley Law can ensure your rights are just as protected in the water as on dry land. Stanley Law Offices is based in Syracuse, NY with offices also in Watertown, Binghamton, Rochester, Oneonta, and Montrose, PA. Know before you go. Have questions? Call 1-800-608-3333.


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