Picking a personal injury lawyer

Picking a personal injury lawyer


5 Things you need to know to pick the right lawyer for your personal injury case

Picking a personal injury lawyer doesn’t need to be hard. But it can be tough. When you’ve been seriously injured, you’re more than rolling the dice if you try and go it alone. Why? Because the system is complex. This is hard work. It’s work that requires special knowledge. Know-how and grit to go up against the big insurance companies and all their hired guns.

Don’t be out-gunned

You don’t want to be out-gunned right? That’s what going it alone is like. You’ll be out-manned. We can pretty much guarantee that. So what do you do next? How do you know who to choose? When you get online, you get overwhelmed with all the options. Not all are created equal. That’s a guarantee. So after nearly forty years of doing this week, the team and I thought we’d share with you a handy checklist for you to refer to. Picking a personal injury lawyer should follow these guidelines:

1. Specific Expertise
A general purpose lawyer won’t cut it for most serious personal injury cases.

2. Experience –
Wisdom. Someone who knows first-hand how to navigate The System.

3. ACCESS to a strong workers’ comp team –
You need your team working together for both of your cases.

4. Clear expectations –
It helps both you and the law firm when there are clear expectations and guidelines shared right upfront.

5. Down to earth –
Your comfort is so important. Choose a lawyer you feel you can talk to, who understands you and sincerely wants to help.

Rest easy knowing any initial consultation with our Team here at Stanley Law Offices is FREE. We are also a contingency-only based firm. What does that mean? We only get paid (usually one third of the award) when YOU WIN. We have skin in the game too. A lot of it. We’re here to get you the MAXIMUM Award. Always. For us, it’s always personal.

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