Ever upward. Out of many, one.


Ever Upward

In an earlier post on court closures, we said that courts are only open for “essential” business, but find solace knowing this hardship will pass. When the conveyor belt of justice starts back up, we will have newfound admiration for the state flag in the courtroom. An obscure but powerful latin phrase has been added to the Coat of Arms on the seal of the state. In case history buffs are wondering, the flag has not been changed since the 1800’s.

Aside from the Excelsior we are used to seeing – latin for “always upward,” the term “e pluribus unum” is now emblazoned underneath. Translation: out of many, one. When you marry them, it is ever upward, out of many, one. Governor Cuomo has sometimes salted his daily coronavirus updates with these words, with good reason – these timeless principles are even more relevant in a time of crisis.We-Are-One-Now-Avail-slide

This also captures the essence of Music for the Mission

Joe Stanley founded Music for the Mission to rally people together in solving the intractable problems of hunger and homelessness, one neighbor, one song and one concert at a time. Right now food pantries are depleted due to the crisis. Families of all sizes from all walks are struggling with day to day bills for life’s basic necessities. Already, “M4M” has funneled thousands of dollars to local food pantries across Central NY. One of the funding mechanisms – where people get the benefit of enjoying music in exchange for doing something good – is the M4M song!

“We are One” is a song that is the product of over 40 native musicians and vocalists who donated their time and creative energy, alongside SubCat Studios, to sing the hymns of hope and tell a heartfelt story of how one person can make a difference in the lives of one and many. E pluribus unum. Download this inspirational song written by Bob Halligan, Jr., and performed by some many local and regional beloved artists. Your donation of just 99 cents which feeds a family of three!

The homeless are especially vulnerable to COVID-19

The CDC states the obvious: a lack of housing contributes to poor health outcomes, and urges that permanent housing should be a continued priority, especially during the pandemic. Unique risks include a lack of access to hygiene and sanitation facilities, or healthcare. The sheltered homeless staying in a congregate setting such as an emergency shelter present other challenges to occupants and staff, and so if Central New York’s homelessness problem hasn’t been top of mind, it should absolutely be a concern now.

We invite you to join Music for the Mission arm in arm, hand in hand, to help those in desperate need in ordinary times, who are now even more endangered with the outbreak insidiously moving from downstate to our parts.

Out of Many, One.

Joe has said that at any moment, you or your neighbor could be experiencing the same hardships, and that we cannot turn a blind eye to this suffering. This has never rung truer than now. Please look out for the most vulnerable amongst us, and when being a good neighbor is not enough, the offices of Stanley Law may be able to help right wrongs. We look forward to continuing the conversation and until then, Excelsior e pluribus unum. Ever upward. Out of many, one.

Music for the Mission is a 501c3 organization, founded by Joe Stanley of Stanley Law in an effort to raise awareness about those in most need and at greatest risk in our community. Because music is a universal language, Joe felt strongly about using entertainment and music as the means to raise awareness and money. It’s an entirely 100% Volunteer non-profit organization – meaning every nickel donated goes directly into those communities where the funds are raised. “M4M” collaborates with food pantries, shelter organizations, other non-profits who are on the front lines and can get the funding directly put to use in the most effective and efficient way possible. Thank You for the kindness of your attention and any possible donation you can muster. Every dollar counts and every person matters. If you’d like to reach Joe Stanley with any questions either about M4M or about a personal injury you or a loved one has experienced, you can reach Joe at 1-800-608-3333 or directly via email at Joe@StanleyLawOffices.com.