Extra Caution With School Buses

school bus safety stanley law offices laws in nys

school bus safety stanley law offices laws in nysWatch For All School Buses And Crosswalks

“Driving is a full-time job”

People need to remember and watch for low speed zones for schools. They’re there for a reason to protect children. There are crosswalks that are either guarded or unguarded. Kids aren’t experienced so as would be expected, adults need to drive defensively and slowly. It’s up to us to keep children safe.

For the school buses, remember if it’s a four-lane road, everybody has to stop. I know personally, I’ve been rear-ended while I was stopped for a school bus a couple of years ago. And then just this summer I stopped for a summer school bus and somebody had to drive up on the sidewalk to the right of me, or they would’ve smashed into me again. So you’ve got to keep your eye out. You know, driving is a full-time job and we want and need to protect the kids. And that’s why we have these rules in place. A lot of the buses have cameras now. So you get caught. It’s a very severe penalty, but the penalty for hurting a child of course is the worst kind on every level. You never want to be faced with something that horrific.

It’s All About Driver Awareness

There are so many distractions in the world, both mentally and physically. It doesn’t take much and we miss some very important things. And so keeping alert, keeping focused with your eyes on the road and being aware of your surroundings are vitally important for everyone’s safety. Concentrate on your driving. It’s a very serious matter. Most car crashes are caused by a distracted driver. Someone wasn’t paying attention.

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