The Truth about Vaping

The Truth about Vaping


Every week I have a chance to answer listeners questions on many radio stations throughout Upstate New York as well as for folks in Pennsylvania. It’s something I believe in – advocating for consumers and giving people resources and insights for them to be better advocates for themselves. And although my firm is a personal injury firm and I’m a personal injury attorney, I take the time to answer all sorts of questions. I’m a big believer in more information helps you make better decisions without a doubt. So I’m here to answer your questions. Please know you can always email me about any legal question you might have at Now on to my WNBF interview – WNBF is a great station and has been a good partner for us for the Binghamton, NY area and throughout the southern tier.  I talk weekly with the longtime WNBF host, Roger Neel. Roger always facilitates an interesting conversation and I know he’s in tune with both his listeners and the Binghamton area community.


Recently on his show, Roger asked me about the issues surrounding vaping and how much vaping has been in the news lately. He wanted to know about the lawsuits that seem to be cropping up all over, and what I thought about it.

New York I think was the first state that banned being able to flavor vaping that clearly was aimed at at children. I agreed with Roger that this is the tip of the iceberg. Look, we all know nicotine isn’t good for you, but there are only a few fledglings studies that are out there now that look specifically at vaping. They’re demonstrating that vaping is not safer than smoking. And it may even be worse because of how long you do it and how much you’re getting. Nicotine is used in rat poison and insecticides. It’s a toxic poison at levels that are not that much more than what people inject when they smoke.

Maybe if we tell people they’re injecting rat poisoning when they’re vaping, it might change their habits. I don’t know. But I do think it’s going to be a lot like what happened at cigarette companies except that I’m not sure a lot of these vaping companies have the kind of assets that the cigarette companies had. I think they took their money and ran, knowing what they were doing was going to be a short term benefit. I look to the real experts on something like vaping and I encourage you to also. Here are five truths that John Hopkins’ Medicine states you need to know about vaping.

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