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Question: When you hire a lawyer, how are personal injury claims paid for?…

Question: When you hire a lawyer, how are personal injury claims paid for?

Joe:  Well, all lawyers handling personal injury claims do them on a contingency fee basis. When you see advertisements you might see that as a “no fee” promise. Or you might see it, as “we are not paid unless you are The bottom line is that you are only paying the lawyer if he successfully completes and resolves your case either by settlement of jury verdict.  Meaning that he takes a percentage of what the recovery is. The standard in a regular personal injury case is one third. Medical malpractice is different and we won’t go into that. What that generally means is that the dispersements that are advanced by the lawyer are subtracted from the total recovery. Then 1/3 is taken from that number. That is generally how it works.

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