Do Renters have rights?

Do Renters have rights?

Is your rental property unsafe?

On one of my weekly radio interviews with a radio station group in Watertown, a listener asked the question “As a renter, what are my rights if I get seriously injured?”

Injuries sustained on rental properties are frequent.

We get many cases with renters and we know what helps you get the compensation you deserve if seriously injured. If you’re seriously injured at a property you rent, you DO have rights. Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry, if you notice an unsafe condition, put your landlord on notice. This is a vital part of the process. If you have documentation showing you’ve put your landlord on notice about a condition that’s clearly unsafe, and the landlord doesn’t fix it – if you get injured, you have a stronger case.

Keep track of dangerous conditions

Keep track of any issues at the rental home or complex – put the landlord on notice and document that you’ve done so. Stairs, sidewalks, roofs, porches, are often culprits that landlords don’t keep up to code. And since it’s you and your family that are most likely to get injured because you’re in and out all day long, you want to take the necessary steps to have your living conditions be safe for you and your loved ones.

You have rights

If you’ve notified the landlord (and again, please document this notification), and the landlord does NOT fix the unsafe condition, and you get seriously injured, you have rights to sue. The landlord is required to keep external grounds/common areas and conditions at the rental property SAFE, as well as the internal aspects of your rental. The areas must remain safe – following building codes and variances.  If there are defects, they must be fixed.

Here’s what to do

If you or a family member is seriously injured at your rental due to unsafe conditions not maintained by your landlord, take pictures. Get witnesses’ statements. Step by step we’ll work with you to build a strong case demonstrating the landlord’s at fault. It also requires you to take necessary steps – put the landlord on notice. Document that notice. Follow up if/when the landlord doesn’t fix it. You and your family’s well-being can depend on you being proactive.

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