Accurate Medical Records Matter

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Accurate Medical Records Matter

Here’s something that many don’t know and take for granted:  The Accuracy of their medical records.

It’s crucial to grasp that the accuracy of your medical records is not a given. In fact, it’s a matter that can have significant repercussions, whether it’s for the preparation of a surgical procedure, the prescription of medications, or,  in the worst-case scenario, a legal dispute.

Checking Your Medical Records For Accuracy

There are a lot of mistakes made when the nurse or doctor is asking you questions once you get in the room. You need to check whatever they’re typing regularly or writing is right. I just had a case recently where the information about how the accident happened wasn’t recorded properly. And now we’re spending an inordinate amount of time explaining why those records aren’t right. And you never want to be in that situation. But you also want to ensure all the health information, allergies, and prior injuries are right. Sometimes, people are in a hurry; they’re not truly listening. They have patients stacked back to back. They’re running behind. And the records are not correct. And what happens in the electronic record age is that that error gets passed down the line, from file to file, and into your portal. So the next doctor and the next… everybody repeats the mistakes.

You See Lots of Doctors and Nurses

Sometimes you’re at the doctor’s facilities and you’re going from room to room, you see multiple people. And between a doctor and a couple of different nurses, they ask you the same thing. You might get tired of repeating the same information. But it’s so important to stay on topic and to stay consistent so that the information is correct. And then actually ASK to see what they’ve put in – so you have a say right then and there and correct any of their mistakes.

Technology Does Make It Easier

There’s a second line of defense for your medical records and making sure they’re correct. You know, we’re living in a time when we all have access. You can get your electronic records immediately. If you see an error, make sure you make sure you state it in writing that it’s wrong.

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