Safety Tips For Space Heaters

stanley law offices talks about safety tips for space heaters

READ THIS if you’re using a space heater this winter

Safety Tips For Space Heaters:

Such a sad story out in Baldwinsville, NY this morning at the Purpose Farm. A space heater caught one of their barns on fire and it appears many animals lost their lives due to the fire yesterday. Purpose Farm is a refuge for rescue animals and they do wonderful work there. We send them love and ease during this difficult time.

Using space heaters

Using space heaters during the winter in Central New York is nothing new. People do it all the time. It appears that someone mistakenly tipped over the space heater in one of Purpose Farm’s barns which in turn caught hay on fire in the barn. The investigation is ongoing but this is the earliest news out. Space heaters can indeed be effective but can also clearly be a safety hazard.

Here are some things to consider if you’re using a space heater at all this winter, which is seeming to be the culprit in this tragedy:

Place heaters on a solid, flat, level surface
Do not use extension cords; plug the space heater in directly
•Do not use electric heaters in the bathroom or other wet/damp areas
•Periodically check electric heater cords for exposed wires and damage (do not use if you notice any damage)
•For gas heaters, use only the fuel recommended by the manufacturer
If you’d like to make a donation to assist Purpose Farm in their efforts to heal and rebuild, we’re certain they would appreciate the assistance.
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