COVID Test Deductible Is Supposed To Be Waived

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If you’ve had a COVID test, your deductible was supposed to be waived. covid deductible should be waived stanley law offices 300x200 1

Had a COVID test? Were you asked to pay a deductible? If you paid a deductible, by law, your deductible for any COVID test is supposed to be waived. But many people are still being billed. That’s illegal. Here at Stanley Law Offices we’re getting phone calls daily about people’s rights around COVID. And we’re speaking out on the matter. In the early going there was a lot of gray area. While there is still some now, things are much clearer.

Exposed to COVID at work?

If you’re a worker who believes they’ve been exposed to COVID during your line of work, you may also have a workers’ compensation case. Are you a prison guard? Healthcare worker? Flight attendant? Even a line of work that’s less obvious than that may be entitled. You can’t possibly go it alone. Doctors have to prove a causal link with greater than 50% certainty that your condition was caused as a result of your work. But there’s some educating that needs to be done.

Did the Doctor confirm you got COVID at work?

Doctors need to know that it should simply be a ‘more likely than not’ scenario. You can never say with absolute certainty one way or another. That’s the way they’re supposed to judge it for a workers’ compensation case. That doesn’t always happen.

If you think you could have a workers’ compensation case or if you have any questions about your deductibles, call us at 1-800-608-3333. We’ll be there for you.