The Tragic Buffalo Shooting

the tragedy in buffalo

the tragedy in buffalo

The Tragedy in Buffalo

In the wake of the horrible tragedy of the Buffalo shooting, we need to discuss our responsibility as community members if we sense someone is struggling. In this COVID world, and in this internet world, there are a lot of issues in general facing our community. Coupling these issues with an individual with mental health issues, it can affect them dramatically. 

Are We Responsible?

“There may not be legal consequences if we know someone’s struggling and we don’t act but certainly as a community, we all have a moral obligation to reach out and try to help someone we know who’s struggling, who might be dangerous to himself or others.” Joe explains. 

Joe strongly suggests that if you can’t help, then you should really notify those who can reach out and help. Because in reality, it keeps everyone safe, them and us and a community as a whole. We obviously see the consequences of uncontrolled situations, like the Buffalo shooting, and it happens way too often. And we really don’t want it to happen again, if we can stop it.

Final Thoughts

Always be vigilant of your surroundings and if you need to talk about anything, give us a call, we are here to help.

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