Working In The Construction Industry Can Be Risky Business

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Are you a construction worker or know someone who is?

There are many risks associated with working in the construction industry. Workers who are required to perform jobs at elevated heights are at risk of falling and suffering serious and even fatal injuries and those who must work underground or around heavy machinery could fall victim to unstable ground or defective equipment. As dangerous as the construction industry is to work in, many individuals put their health and lives on the line to get the jobs they are hired to do done.

Unfortunately, when an accident occurs on a construction site and a worker gets hurt, it is often unclear to them what their rights are particularly because New York State’s construction and labor laws are so complex. Thankfully, there are Syracuse, NY workers’ compensation lawyers who can help an injured construction worker understand the laws that can be used to protect them and potentially help them recover compensation.

Stanley Law is Here to Help Injured Construction Workers Understand Their Right to Compensation

As confusing as New York State’s construction and labor laws may be (and Pennsylania differs from New York), injured construction workers need to get informed on the different types of benefits and damages they may be entitled to receive. Those who suffer injuries in a construction site accident in New York State may be able to obtain benefits by:

  1. Filing a worker’s compensation claim.
  2. Filing a lawsuit against a job site owner, general contractor, or other third-party.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits an Injured Worker May Be Entitled To

Most construction workers who suffer injuries on the job can obtain medical and wage replacement benefits. Workers who obtain care by an authorized physician can generally get all of their care paid for. If a worker misses more than seven days of work due to their injuries and their physician has concluded that their injury prevents them from working, they should then be entitled to collect a portion of their regular wages for a certain period of time.

Although workers’ compensation benefits should be provided to most construction workers who suffer an on-the-job injury, not all are able to access these benefits, whether it is because their employer doesn’t want to provide them or because they are told their position prohibits them from receiving them.

While this can be true in certain situations, it is best for an individual to consult with a Syracuse, NY workers’ compensation attorney to find out if the information they are being provided with is accurate.

Suing Over a Construction Accident in Syracuse, NY

onstruction workers may also be entitled to recover compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against certain parties such as a job site owner or general contractor if either party’s negligence played a role in causing the incident to occur. For instance, if a job site owner failed to warn workers of potential hazards and allowed work to be performed, they could be held financially liable for any accidents that occur.

Stanley Law is Here to Help Injured Workers Recover the Compensation They Are Due

If an injured construction worker in Syracuse is having a hard time understanding what benefits they are eligible to receive or if they have a right to take legal action against a third-party, Stanley Law is here to help. Stanley Law provides free consultations and an injured worker is given the opportunity to share confidential facts about their potential case and injuries suffered.

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