Construction Accidents Are Almost Always Serious

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Construction sites can be dangerous places.

Construction accidents are almost always serious. Numerous hazardous occupations exist, and being a construction worker is undeniably one of them. As personal injury attorneys at Stanley Law Offices in Syracuse, NY, we deeply empathize with your challenges. It’s disheartening to witness the occasional negligence of employers, contractor groups, and municipalities in maintaining a safe workplace, providing safe working equipment, and adhering to safety protocols that safeguard workers.

Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury Case in Syracuse, NY

Injured construction workers can almost always turn to worker’s compensation to recover money for medical bills and lost wages. It’s generally far simpler to win a worker’s compensation case than trying to bring a personal injury lawsuit — but you need to know that option is available to you. Often, a third party may be at fault, and that personal injury lawsuit can bring much greater recovery to the injured worker.