Preventing Unnecessary Accidents As We Head Into The Winter Season

slip and falls can be dangerous

Avoiding a Serious Injury During the Winter

We’re getting close to Halloween, and of course, it’s Upstate New York so that means winter is right around the corner. Sometimes people have last minute things that they need to take care of around the house to be prepared for the icy, snowy conditions. Because accidents can happen. Your well-being and that of your family’s is the most important thing to invest time and money into. There are simple steps you can take ahead of time to avoid potential disaster.

Slipping and Falling On Sidewalks and Steps

Over the years, I’ve handled a lot of cases with sidewalk steps, railings that are in disrepair. You mean to get around to it and then you forget. And then when winter comes the winter weather, it makes them worse. And then the snow and ice cover them up and they become booby traps. And, instead of it being, something you might be able to avoid, it turns into something that can be bad. Salt is cheap. Get a good shovel. Take care of your walkways and steps. Make sure you always hang onto stair railings. Always – even in clear conditions always hang onto stair rails.

Slip and Falls Can Be Incredibly Dangerous and Cause Serious Bodily Injury

I always say you shouldn’t worry about getting sued because somebody else came onto your property, fell and got hurt. What you should worry about is yourself or your family getting hurt. Because you’re the ones who use the property way more than anybody else. So, think ahead because once you’re hurt, it’s already too late.

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