Continuous Learning

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Joe, as a lifelong learner yourself, just even personally but certainly in the workplace as a lawyer there certain expectations that are required and then there things that you may even go above and beyond in terms of continually learning. What types of learning do you do, does your team do to ensure that investment is ongoing?

I think you should learn something everyday at a minimum.  Learning is a constant process and if you’re not then you’re going backwards. As lawyers and paraprofessionals in our business you need to take courses and seminars. We all participate, we practice, we learn, we learn from others who have had different experiences, who are from different places.  I lectured myself and I provide my in site when I go other places. It’s a sharing process and I think the legal profession does a very good job. There’s a huge amount of opportunity to learn. I always say that everyone should take advantage of it because it’s important just not for client service but for your own edification. The more you know, the more confident you are and the better you are able to provide for your clients.