Cyber Security

A graphic for Internet security.

Joe, you yourself have been a victim of cyber security breach, cyber security issues. What did you learn from this experience? What positive things might have come out of it or what do you know now that you didn’t before that you might want to share with the audience?

None of it was a surprise to me actually. I had planned for this, in my mind anyone and everyone is at risk for virus and security problems, so you need to plan for it. That means back up. I was insured for it, which can be expensive, but the consequences can be more expensive. You need to have a plan in place because everyone and anyone are at risk.

Whether you have your own computer or whether you’re a business or a small business, if your data is not backed up and protected, you can lose it. If it’s not even breached, they can destroy it. If you don’t have the information, it’s all gone in this digital world.

There are a lot of steps and there is a lot of information you absolutely need to know to protect yourself.