Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving = Lost Lives

Joe I’ve heard you explain that distracted driving is almost always the culprit in car accident scenarios.  With summer upon us, kids out of school, texting and all of that stuff. We’ve got proms. We’ve got all sorts of summer activities happening. What should people be aware of when it comes to distracted driving? I know you are going to say common sense again.

It’s really not common sense but accidents are happening almost exclusively because somebody didn’t see what there was to be seen. They didn’t see the other car. They turned in front of somebody. They rear-ended somebody. Distracted driving means you’re not paying attention and that’s not anything new. There are more things to distract you. Twenty-five years ago when these things didn’t exist, people were still getting into accidents because they weren’t paying attention. I think there is just more now. Cars are better able to keep you under control so people are more distracted by other things and the number of accidents keeps going up.