Halloween Trick or Treating Safely in the Tricky Year of 2020

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Don’t drive distracted!a safe and fun halloween

Halloween Trick or Treating Safely in the Tricky Year of 2020This weekend the first blue moon on Halloween eve since 1944 will light up the skies as kids and families decide whether to trick or treat in 2020. It may be a lighter year for trick or treaters than in years past due to COVID restrictions and health and safety concerns, but there’s still going to be a lot of kids that are planning on being out and about going door to door crossing streets. One of the added safety concerns is always watching for children and families crossing streets. Don’t drive distracted!

Reflective Clothing

Trick or treaters that do decide to go out need to make sure they’re well-reflected and that they’re observant and drivers, you need to pay attention. The biggest cause of accidents is people not watching where they’re going. If you add to that bad weather, it’s even harder to see. So we want to make sure everyone’s safe and we don’t need any more bad news and bad events. We’ve already had plenty for the year.

Check and double check candy

Kids are eager to eat their candy and a lot of it’s pretty darned good so I can understand why! In their excitement, let’s still play it safe. Check and double-check all candy wrappers before eating anything. And this part is sometimes taken for granted… stick to the streets and ideally the homes and folks that you know for trick or treating.

Be Safe This Halloween

2020 is a year that we all might wish to get over with soon, but hopefully on Saturday night, people can come out of their slumber a little bit and enjoy themselves.
And do it safely and responsibly. Enjoy the blue moon on hallow’s eve and have a safe and fun night for all!

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