Joe Knows SNOW!

snow removal Joe Stanley talks snow in Upstate NY. A snow blower, removing. several feet of snow.

Well we’re finally going to see some ‘winter’ in Upstate NY. We’re going to talk a minute about snow removal, and what you need to know. Because something happens in the Southern tier, and frankly everywhere in the wintertime in Upstate NY when it snows: People forget the rule about ‘don’t push your snow into the streets.’ So here’s a refresher…

Snow in the Streets

First, if you push your snow into the street, you’re creating a dangerous condition by plowing snow into the road. For a lot of reasons that’s dangerous. It’s also dangerous for you and drivers on the road for whatever you’re operating, just pushing it out into the road. And commercial operators have the same issue. They have to remove the snow safely and place it safely. And some municipalities have regulations specifically against it. That applies if you’re doing construction as well for example. You can’t put mud out there and allow mud or stones to go out there and the sae is true for snow. Of course we all know about it and we’ve all experienced it. Not sure of the best way to clear snow? 

Using a Snowblower

By the way, when you’re using a snowblower, you can’t throw it out into the road either onto cars because that is probably even more dangerous. For the safety of all involved, please snowblow your snow into other areas of your yard. Do your very best to get the sidewalks in front of your home clear. Be mindful of your own well-being, wearing proper gear, boots, and not doing heavy lifting / shoveling if you’re not in the physical shape to do so. There are generally lots of neighborhood ‘kids’ who love to make a little extra money and would likely help if asked. Use salt, keep walkways clear and as safe as possible. Remember, those that are most likely to get injured on your property are you and your family. Slip and Fall injuries can be extremely dangerous for anyone. We’ve seen far too many situations where injuries could have been avoided if proper precautions were taken.

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