List of Top Unsafe Jobs in America

List of Top Unsafe Jobs in America

Working in some industries involves personal risk for employees. With a focus on job safety, employers can work to ensure that their teams avoid injury.

Business owners must focus on safety to help employees avoid injuries while working. Comprehensive training is one way to enhance job safety and minimize accidents. Employers must also have standards and procedures in place that keep everyone safe. While most places of business can be set up to be safe, some industries are known to be more dangerous than others.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics rates logging jobs as the most dangerous type of work in the country, as of 2014. In this year, for every 100,000 people working in this industry, 111 lost their lives due to dangers such as rough ground and falling branches.


Professionals in the fishing industry often work in remote areas such as off the coast of Alaska. The riskiest situations for fishermen include falling overboard, accidents with ships and boats, and handling the machinery on boats.


Aircraft pilots working for major airlines do not have issues with job safety. However, the charter and bush pilots have a high risk for injury and death. Human error and inclement weather are top causes of accidents.


Professional roofers working at high elevations have a risk of falling. These employees also work in a potentially dangerous construction site, using dangerous tools such as nail guns and materials such as hot tar.

Refuse Collecting

Refuse and recycled materials collectors have some risk for employees for several reasons. While collecting trash, other drivers may accidentally hit workers moving between the trucks and the curb.

Farming and Agriculture

Agricultural job safety is also an issue due to farming machinery such as combines, used to harvest corn in the fields. Farmers driving slow-moving vehicles on country roads may also be injured by impatient drivers.

Steel Working

Working in steel or iron mills poses risks for people. Employees can be hurt during the welding process from serious burns. The risk of fire and from poisonous vapors also demands stringent training and safety precautions.

Truck Driving

Truck drivers work in a dangerous industry, but the main risk does not stem from highway accidents. Instead, these workers are often injured while they load and unload items.

While some industries involve more risk of injury, careful attention to job safety should help protect workers.