Motorcycles and ATV’s – is there a difference when you’re injured?

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This week on Joe’s recent radio segment from “Joe Knows”: Motorcycles…

Is there a difference when you’re injured on a motorcycle or atv versus a regular vehicle?

Sure, motorcyles and atv’s can be a lot of fun. A lot of people ride motorcycles or ATVs. They’re similar in terms of how the law goes. You enjoy them, but you have to make sure that if you’re a wage earner, that you’re protected. Why? Because New York no-fault insurance law doesn’t cover motorcycles for drivers or passengers.

If you’re injured, your medical bills are on your own; either your own work health insurance, or you are self-insured. It doesn’t take much to get hurt if you’re in a motorcycle accident.

“Even if it’s somebody else’s fault, you have to sue them to get those medical bills paid immediately.”

Another important factor if you’re injured on a motorcyle or ATV

If you’re out of work, your lost wages are not paid by “no-fault”. This means, the only wages you can get are New York State disability benefits, which are only for 26 weeks and the maximum is $170 a week. There is also a 7-day waiting period, which no benefits are paid.

As you can imagine, that’s not going to go very far. To make sure you are protected, you’d almost need your own disability policy under those circumstances.

When speaking to people who have been in these accidents, they are strapped because they can’t work and their medical bills and their deductibles are astronomical, and not going away. Even if you have a lawsuit and it’s somebody else’s fault, that money does not come immediately and can take some time to receive the settlement.

Final thought..

Keep these important points mentioned in this article in mind next time you decide to take a ride on your motorcycle or someone else’s. It only takes a second to change your life or someone you know.

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