Do you want to know why side impact collisions cause such bad injuries?

A car that has been in a bad accident. The door is crushed. The windshield is broken.
If you’ve suffered a side-impact collision, get a highly skilled personal injury lawyer.

Don’t settle for fast cash from the insurance companies. If you’ve been in a side-impact car crash, the chances are much greater for brain injury. Symptoms from brain injuries can sometimes take a long time to surface. If you settle fast for the cash, you may not get enough to last.

Our brains are like an orchestra. Tens of billions of neurons work together to make a symphony. There’s an ever-changing network of instruments that work together. Yet trauma from side-impact collisions can break some of these moving parts.

Ask anyone who’s played contact sports. They can tell you what having your ‘bell rung’ by a strong blow to the head feels like. The physics inside a rattled skull is scary. You’ve read about football players. Those ‘hits’ to their heads lead to many changes. And football players wear helmets. Drivers don’t.

“T-Boned’ in a car.

Side-impact collisions are also called “T-bone accidents” or “broadside collisions.” These car crash stories cross our desks every week. As car accident lawyers we see what another driver can do. When they run a red light or blow through a stop sign. Distractions like texting or just not paying attention is a major factor. The bulk of these accidents are preventable. And if distraction is combined with inexperience, it’s dangerous. Period.

The physics behind side-impact auto accidents

During a forward crash or a rear-end crash, modern-day vehicles are good at doing what they’re designed to do. You’re protected. The vehicle’s hood or trunk absorbs much of the energy. IThe doors and side airbags (if the vehicle is equipped with them) are the only barriers between you and the oncoming vehicle.

Beams inside the vehicle’s doors are the front line of defense in side-impact collisions. But what happens when a smaller car is hit by a larger vehicle? When that vehicle has higher bumpers, such as an SUV, the beams can’t stand up to it. While we always warn drivers and passengers to buckle up, that doesn’t always happen. In a side-impact crash, the forces move bodies sideways. Potential injuries run the gamut – abdominal, spinal, pelvic injuries and internal organ damage are all common – but let’s focus on the potential damage to the body’s command center.

The brain science behind T-bone accidents

In a study from the University of Rochester, survivors of side-impact crashes were three times more likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury than other types of collisions. Men tend to fare better in side-end collisions than women. They have more neck strength and greater height and weight. The elderly are more likely to suffer severe injuries in these types of crashes, especially those with low bone density.

When bodies are accelerated by the forces of a side-impact, the occupant’s head remains static. This causes the neck to absorb most of the force, pushing muscles and ligaments in the neck beyond their limits. In turn, the head begins a lateral motion to its original position, which pulls the neck back in the opposite direction. Sometimes called whiplash, these violent, unnatural motions result in injuries to nerve roots and discs in the cervical spine. Joe Stanley says it’s like when you twist of metal. And we aren’t as tough as metal. Watch Joe’s Video here.

Aside from neck and spine damage, traumatic brain injury can result. This can include amnesia or other injuries that result in skull fractures or intracranial bleeding. The results of traumatic brain injury can be minor or severe. Memory loss is common. When children are involved in a side-impact crash, cognitive disabilities can ensue, making ongoing therapy and rehabilitation a part of their life.

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The CDC, which has played a vital role in the recent COVID-19 pandemic, offers good information on a section of its website.

Insurance companies deny and delay auto accident claims.

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