The biggest mistake people make:

Tips to Remember After a Car Accident

You know what the biggest mistake people make when they get in an accident is?

Not having good information is a huge mistake in terms of how you deal with the personal injury process. I was in an accident myself and I’m still dealing with it. Someone ran a red light and hit me in an intersection. They’re sending me to my third independent medical exam.

If you don’t understand the process, and you don’t understand what they’re trying to do to you, if you don’t even understand what your rights are you have no chance.

When they send you denials, and letters stating re-classifications, reduction bills, you can end up putting yourself in a really bad situation.

Information in this world is the most important thing. Information gives you power and so if you don’t know, you need to talk to people who do have the information and then you can make your decision based on that. Better information, better decisions.

Believe me, I have information and I am frustrated, so I can totally sympathize with my clients —

because they don’t understand what exactly is happening and what kind of nonsense goes on with these insurance companies and doctors.

So yes, information is power and it allows you to make the correct decisions.

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