Two Seasons: Winter… and Construction Season

Two Seasons: Winter… and Construction Season

We have two seasons around here, right? Winter and construction season. That means you have to be even more aware of what is around you when you’re on the roadways this time of year. Construction zones come up fast and you have to be ready.


This time of year there’s a lot of construction out there and if you’re distracted and you’re not paying attention to the slow downs, the construction workers, how many of these do we get during the year when there’s multiple rear-end accidents because the traffic is slowing down. Double points tickets if they decide that they want to enforce it in those areas. In some areas, it’s 45mph, 40mph, depending on where the construction is, but the idea is we need to pay attention.

Speed is undoubtedly a huge contributor to car crashes regardless. And we do a lot of car crash personal injury cases here at Stanley Law. We see it all the time. SLOW down, especially during heavy construction season.


Work Zone signs, “Entering a work zone,” are there for a reason. First, they’re warning you what’s coming and to SLOW DOWN for your safety and the safety of those around you. Second, because law enforcement is going to not only pull you over, but double fine you for speeding in a work zone.

It’s the law.

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