Prescription medication after an injury

Prescription medication after an injury

Know the implications of your prescription medication

In this week’s radio interview “Joe Knows” we covered an important topic that a listener had a question about – medications.

When you’re injured or ill, the goal is always to try and get better. A lot of people I represent, whether they’re car crashes, construction accidents, or just regular work injuries is that they’re in pain, and they want to be given some relief for the pain. So they take pain medications which can often lead to other problems: Then they need a drug for their stomach and then they have a stomach problem, then it potentially leads to issues with their kidneys. I have seen it extensively over the years, and I saw the opioid crisis coming.

We used to talk about it and say, “Why are they on all of these things?” This doesn’t seem right, and 10, 12, 13 prescriptions later when people are under treatment for injuries, and people don’t know, it can lead to even bigger issues.

Be your own best advocate

If you don’t keep track of it and understand yourself what the interactions are and the implications of all the medications that are being prescribed to you, it can cause a real problem. I’ve seen it where people get more problems, as a result of the drugs they’re on, than the actual injury. The ramifications can be very difficult. Be your own best advocate. If you don’t know, if you’re not sure, and most people aren’t, call legal counsel. Consultation is FREE. We’ll answer any reasonable questions you may have. In the Binghamton area, we’ve got offices in Montrose and in Binghamton at 84 Court Street. We can also meet with clients in our Watertown, Syracuse, and Rochester offices.

Always feel free to reach out and ask any question by emailing me directly at, going on our website, or calling the office at 1-800-608-3333. Often I’m in trial or consulting with one of our other attorneys so I’m not always available when you phone. But if you email me, I will email you back. Whatever you do, don’t go it alone.