What’s the Social Security disability taken out I’m seeing on my W2?

What’s the Social Security disability taken out I’m seeing on my W2?

Social Security Withholdings on your W2 stubs

Seeing withholdings for social security disability on your W2 stubs and wondering what it’s all about?

SSDI or social security disability income

We all have money taken out for social security disability which pays into the System the same as social security does. You’re paying into the system and you’ll hopefully collect it back at the end either by retirement – or if you qualify for some reason with early disability.

I was asked this question on one of my radio interviews this week in Syracuse. It’s one of the things we always hear about in the news – the financing of “The System.” It’s because the federal government borrows our medicare money.

You’re paying into medicare also alongside social security disability. You’ll see that on your stub as well. Medicare has a cap on it now; but that’s also paying for what you’ll get when you retire.

Your parents and grandparents if they’re living, receive medicare. It’s part of the support we provide to our elders ongoing after they too themselves have worked many long and diligent years. Medicare of course is different from medicaid which funds those who are for whatever reason, severely, financially disadvantaged.


Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) can be complex when trying to file, and in particular once you’re denied benefits (and almost if not ALL claims are initially denied regardless of circumstances which is part of the problem with the system). You’ll need an attorney to help you file if you want to ensure as smooth sailing as possible with respect to paperwork, deadlines. Megan Fallon, an attorney here on the Team at Stanley Law, dedicates her life’s work to helping those in just this situation. You can email her and me with any questions you have about your rights, and filing for either SSI or SSDI –

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