Are you being sexually harassed at work?

Are you being sexually harassed at work?


Are you being sexually harassed at work?

On a radio interview this week a listener asked me the question about sexual harassment at work:

“Lately my boss is making me feel uncomfortable with off-color remarks about what I’m wearing. It’s beginning to feel like sexual harassment but I’m not sure what do since I report to him.”

Just yesterday a former staffer for the Trump Campaign came out with a claim filing a lawsuit against the President of the United States for sexual harassment that occurred on the campaign trail.

This is coming out more and more – harassment of any kind in the workplace but particularly sexual harassment. Our tendency is to just think of it by the way in one direction – meaning a man harassing a woman. And while that does tend to be more common, it does indeed happen in the reverse. This particular situation involves a female being harassed by her male supervisor.

What do I do next?

If there’s someone your boss reports to – you file a complaint to his or her supervisor. If he or she is the owner of the company you work for, that obviously presents a whole different situation. You’re best to directly contact a lawyer. There’s less and less gray area regarding sexual harassment. Certainly more so today than even just a year or two ago. Here’s an interesting article on insights on what you can do, and what the criteria is for filing a lawsuit for sexual harassment.

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Additional resources include:

Equal Rights Advocates

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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